The many facets of alcohol policy

Heng Jiang, Robin Room


Jiang, H., & Room, R. (2016). The many facets of alcohol policy. The International Journal Of Alcohol And Drug Research, 5(3), 85-87. doi:

The articles in this section are revised from papers presented at a thematic meeting on alcohol policy research of the Kettil Bruun Society for Social and Epidemiological Research on Alcohol, held in Melbourne in September, 2014. The international meeting was titled “Alcohol Policy Research: Putting Together a Global Evidence Base,” with attendees from 15 countries across five continents, including researchers from Australia, Europe, North America, Africa, and Asia. Papers revised from presentations at the conference are also published as special issues or sections in three other journals: Alcohol and Alcoholism (in Volume 50, No. 6), Drug and Alcohol Review (in Volume 35, No. 1), and Contemporary Drug Problems (in Volume 42, No. 2).



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