Early View Papers and Abstracts

These are layout proofs of papers which have been accepted and will be published in subsequent issues.

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Satisfaction of Family Members with Treatment in Psychosocial Care Services on Alcohol and Other Drugs PDF
Paula Hayasi Pinho, Márcia Aparecida Ferreira Oliveira, Maria Odete Pereira, Heloísa Garcia Claro, Ricardo Henrique Soares, Rejane Maria Dias Abreu Gonçalves, Carlos Alberto Cruz Sequeira
Heat-Not-Burn Tobacco Products: The Devil in Disguise or a Considerable Risk Reduction? PDF
Dirk W Lachenmeier, Peter Anderson, Jürgen Rehm
Risk Factors for Fracture in Alcohol-dependent, Pre-menopausal Females PDF
Nicholas R Fuggle, Joseph Singer, Michael A. Clynes, Beth Curtis, Pallavi Wyawahare, Hayley J. Denison, Moira Gilmour, Geoff Robinson, Elaine M. Dennison
Cause-specific Mortality in Patients Treated for Alcohol Use Disorders in State-Run Services in Novosibirsk, Russia PDF
Yaroslav Shamsutdinov, Maria Neufeld, Jürgen Rehm
The GENAHTO Project (Gender and Alcohol’s Harm to Others): Design and Methods for a Multinational Study of Alcohol’s Harm to Persons Other than the Drinker PDF
Sharon C. Wilsnack, Thomas K. Greenfield, Kim Bloomfield
The Harms That Drinkers Cause: Regional Variations Within Countries PDF
Richard W. Wilsnack, Arlinda F. Kristjanson, Sharon C. Wilsnack, Kim Bloomfield, Ulrike Grittner, Ross D. Crosby