Vol 3, No 4 (2014)

Table of Contents


Is early alcohol consumption related to adult alcohol use? Longitudinal analyses based on the Northern Sweden Cohort PDF
Paul Delfabbro, Anne Hammarström 227-233
Monitoring the stability of risk factors for adolescent cannabis use PDF
Mats Hallgren, Håkan Kallmén 235-243
Social networks and alcohol consumption among first generation Chinese and Korean immigrants in the Los Angeles metropolitan area PDF
C. Richard Hofstetter, John D. Clapp, Jon-Patrick Allem, Suzanne C. Hughes, Yawen Li, Veronica Irvin, Alan J. Daly, Sunny Kang, Melbourne F. Hovell 245-255
Predictors of first incidence of alcohol use disorders in the Lundby cohort from 1947-1997 PDF
Cecilia Mattisson, Mats Bogren, Vibeke Horstmann, Leif Öjesjö 257-267
Incidents of harm in European drinking environments and relationships with venue and customer characteristics PDF
Zara Quigg, Karen Hughes, Mark A. Bellis, Ninette van Hasselt, Amador Calafat, Matej Košir, Mariangels Duch, Montse Juan, Lotte Voorham, Ferry X. Goossens 269-275
Short-term changes in substance use among problematic alcohol and drug users from a general population sample PDF
Kristina Sinadinovic, Peter Wennberg, Anne H. Berman 277-287
Alcohol and drug use and other high-risk behaviors among youth in the slums of Kampala, Uganda: Perceptions and contexts obtained through focus groups PDF
Monica Swahn, Melissa Haberlen, Jane B. Palmier 289-295
Comorbid mental disorders among clients in addiction treatment: The costs of care PDF
Karen Urbanoski, Jürgen Rehm, Shannon Lange, Svetlana Popova 297-304