Vol 10, No 1 (2022) published


The Co-Editors-in-Chief, Professor Neo Morojele and Dr Anne-Marie Laslett are pleased to announce the release of the first issue of Volume 10 of the International Journal of Alcohol and Drug Research (IJADR).

The good news is that the IJADR was ratified as the official journal of the Kettil  Bruun  Society  for  Social  and  Epidemiological Research  on  Alcohol  (KBS).  The journal’s   ongoing relationship with KBS  was  formalized  in  the by-laws  and  we  thank KBS for their financial and advisory support in 2022.

Unfortunately submissions declined in 2022, and we were only able to produce a single issue, with four papers  that included  authors  from Australia,  Brazil,  Canada, China,   Finland, India,   Italy,   Mexico,   Nigeria,   South Africa, Switzerland, Tanzania, Thailand, the United States of America (USA) and Viet Nam. The papers presented research on (a) how a history  of childhood neglect results in differential ratings of stress, affect, and  desire to  drink, during typical alcohol consumption sessions in moderate to heavy drinkers in the USA; (b) a study  of  problematic  alcohol  consumption,  knowledge about drinking limits and health risks among future health professionals in Tanzania;   (c) improved  estimates of individual  and  population-level alcohol use in the United States,1984–2020 and (d) a detailed discussion paper on a potential research  agenda  for  alcohol  policymaking  in  the  wider world. Alcohol continued to be consumed during the COVID-19 pandemic across the world, and in some cases in greater volumes and with more negative effects. These papers all  focused on the consumption of alcohol.

Finally we are pleased to announce that we are busy putting a Special Issue together in 2023, with the theme of: Alcohol Prevention Research and Policy Development in LMICs: Facilitating Partnerships, Capacity and Impact. We welcome interdisciplinary, theoretical, qualitative and quantitative research papers as well as commentaries and reviews. By reviews we mean literature reviews, policy reviews or potentially commentaries or reviews of evidence or policy.